Haro Bikes

We have Haro bikes for sale to meet your riding style and budget. Including BMX bikes, kids and mountain options.

Haro Downtown
Haro's Downtown is the perfect entry into the BMX world. It features a toug...
Haro PreWheelz 12 SE EVA
Sitting at the top of the PreWheelz line is the 12 SE EVA balance bike. Thi...
Haro Westlake
Road or trail, no limits. New from the ground up for 2019, the Westlake ser...
Haro Annex Pro XL
Rounding out the Annex line is the Annex Pro XL model. The Pro XL has all t...
Haro Subvert HT3
What's your rocky-trail secret? Plush, wide, smooth rolling Kenda Havoc 2.8...
Haro Shredder 16
The Shredder 16 is designed around a low profile alloy frame which is both ...