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Haro Bikes

We have Haro bikes for sale to meet your riding style and budget. Including BMX bikes, kids and mountain options.

Haro Downtown
Haro's Downtown is the perfect entry into the BMX world. It features a toug...
Haro Annex Pro XL
Haro's Annex Pro XL features a light, durable aluminum frame for blinding o...
Haro Mirra Pro Tribute
There are no two ways about it: Dave Mirra was the spark that revitalized H...
Haro PreWheelz 12 EVA Gen 2
Completely redesigned from the ground up, our new PreWheelz comes in sleeke...
Haro Double Peak 27.5 Plus Comp
Ready to turn up the juice on your mountain biking? Start off with a trail-...
Haro Junior
Rising further up the size scale is the Race Lite Junior. The Junior shares...