Ski Tuning & Repair Services

Ski Tuning

Ski Tuning  &  Snowboard Tuning


$35 Kids Ski Tune

 Skis 140cm & under

 -Sharpen edges

 -Machine wax

 -Clean top & bottom


$45 Basic Tune

“an edge n wax” 

 -Sharpen edges 

 -Machine waxing

 -Clean top & bottom


$55 Fine Tune

Comes with beveled edges (Base.5°-1°,Sides 89°-86°) Polished fine finished edges & Removal of extra sidewall material which can interfere with the bevel on the edges.

 -Sharpen edges

 -Hand hot wax 

 -Clean top & bottom

 -Sidewall planning

 -Custom bevel angles

 -Fine edges with Polishing

Other Ski Services

$10 Ptex-

Fill in scratches & gouges

$15 Waxing-

Waxing of the base


$20 Edging-

Touching up the edges


$30 ASTM test-

Adjust & test boots with binding


$30 Snowboard Mounting-

Install snowboard bindings


$35 Integrated Mounting-

Install Integrated bindings


$45 Drilling skis-

Drill & set bindings

About Waxing & Edging

There is no such thing as over waxing. Wax makes your skis hydrophobic, afraid of water basically. The more hydrophobic your skis are the faster they will be, it also makes them a lot easier to turn. If skis lack wax they can have a harder time getting up on edge. Unfortunately wax doesn't last long due to it being on the contact point of the skis. No matter who you are, out on the hill you shouldn't go longer than 6-8 days without a tune.

Base edge beveling is lifting the edges off the snow a slight amount (.5°-1°) so they won't engage until the ski is tilted on edge. Too little base edge bevel causes a ski to hook before the skier is ready & excessive base edge bevel creates instability as the edges are raised too far off the snow. Side edge bevels are commonly(1°-3°) with the high number indicating a more acute angle to penetrate farther into hard snow. Too little side edge bevel can cause a ski to skid and too acute a bevel can cause the edge to knife into the snow and "rail".

  A fine edge is finished with diamond files to insure that your edges are well kept & even leaves no strations for a very fine polish edge.

It is very important to remove the sidewall material to keep the sidewall from interfering with the bevel on the edges. Which can affect your control.