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Bontrager Components And Wheels

Bontrager bicycle components and wheels are the ultimate upgrade!

Keith Bontrager began working on two-wheelers in 1965 at the young age of 12 when he built lawnmower-powered mini-bikes from scratch. Then, from 1975 to 1981 he designed, built, tuned and raced motocross and road motorcycles at the highest levels of the sport. After suffering an impressive number of injuries, however, he decided to retire from motorcycles and started fabricating road and mountain bicycles out of his home shop.

Keith then majored in physics at college and put his technical prowess to use in developing revolutionary wheels and components. And, by 1992 Bontrager Cycles had grown from a one-man custom frame shop to a limited-production facility cranking out cutting-edge bike gear. Which attracted Trek Bicycle, who acquired Bontrager Cycles in 1995 and hired Keith to stay in charge and help take Bontrager to the next level producing top-end components for the best riders in the world.

Race-Perfected Products

Lance and the Discovery Team won on Bontrager components and wheels!In fact, in 2003, Bontrager reached a major milestone in becoming the official wheels and components supplier of Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service Cycling Team. And, Keith enjoyed the thrill of watching the parts and wheels that he put a lifetime of energy into creating, conquer the cobbles of Northern Europe, climb the great cols of the Tour de France and put Lance on top of the Tour podium time and again over the coming years.

Something for Everyone

Don't think that Bontrager is only about equipping high-end race machines and the thoroughbreds that pedal them to championships. He actually designs and offers a full range of components for all types of riders from road and mountain to city and everyone in-between.

Keith Bontrager is also a winning mountain bike racer!So, whether you want to upgrade to a stronger mountain-bike component that will hold up to how you ride, lighter gear to sweeten your century rides, wheels that are more reliable than the wobblers you're on, or simply find a more comfortable saddle for cruising around town, every product stamped with the Bontrager brand is sure to please you and significantly improve your cycling.

But, we'll let Keith (photo) speak for himself, "For the last ten years or so I've tried to improve bicycles, both for myself and for everyone else, by applying my technical skills and experience to equipment and design. I've also committed myself to designing durable, efficient bicycles and parts no matter what material or technology I select. If I have my way I'll be able to contribute in this way for another 20 years!"

Stop by to see how you can improve your ride with Bontrager parts & accessories!